Miss South Africa crowned new Miss Universe

Miss South Africa Demi Leigh-Peters was crowned Miss Universe at glamorous event in Las Vegas on Sunday.

She obliterated rivals from Colombia and Jamaica to take the crown and is flying the country’s flag higher than ever.

Not only is she beautiful but also a graduate in business management, dispelling societal misogynist attachments on women in beauty pagent.

She was crowned by the current Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere of France and took her walk before a seemingly satisfied crowd.

Steve Harvey returned as host to the show despite his huge boob in 2015 where he announced the wrong winner.

This time he was a bit more careful and well rehearsed.


Dawn of a new national broadcaster?

In the past week Zimbabwe has changed. A country that was governed by a family and their friends has now been rid of it and galvanised into a new era . There is so much happiness and chatter about the hopes or further demise thereof from the new man in charge but we have to wait and see. While we have all been united on the ‘Mugabe must go cause’ there is need to take stock of many things that were not being addressed by the last leader, a lot of these changes might make the country a better place to be.

ZBC and the media.

Being a journalist, there is nothing as frustrating as having a lousy broadcaster that has been failing to develop for years. It’s mainly been a haven for corrupt tendencies and dealings in this organisation. To have it operate in the manner it has been doing in the past years will be disheartening and I assume a new and proper business model is needed to wash away backward thinking and regressive minds that have occupied it.

In the very same type of organisation/s there have been individuals that have risen to potentially decisive positions and have, instead of progressing, stunted the growth of such an important part of society. There is need to treat this institution as for the people and not for a particular entity with the desire to confuse, spread rumours and lies.

It cascades down to the staff manning critical positions in collecting and reporting the news. They will need a crush course in collecting and balancing the views of the nation as a whole. As they have been blinkered, I say to the new leadership, variety is the spice of life! Remaining with the same ideology of a one sided national broadcaster is to freeze media progress and create a construed idea of what the skills entails. Aspiring journalists will grab the wrong idea of what a journalist is and in the process fail to see the importance it plays, that of shaping society.

To date, ZBC has done nothing but drive society towards a melancholic dominance of a single political view. Disregarding human rights abuses suffered by millions from within and outside their borders. Upheld unprofessional standards such as the bootlicking of government officials to survive and move up ladders as they have been the worst poorly paid lot in the entire world. Have been troubled so much creatively that leaders here have no idea what the word means anymore. As if blind to other state broadcasters and opinion from the public, they have continued to move like zombies into becoming the worst broadcasting station in the world.

Having worked for ZBC, I know too well the underhand dealings that take place here. It is a haven for social disaster and the only solution is to start all over. Yes I said it, start a human resource audit that must place each and everyone in their place. Bring in new personnel (if you have to) that have an idea of what it is to become a leader in broadcasting services. I will not hesitate to say that over 50% of the people that work (or have worked) in this cooperation are not qualified to do so, whilst qualified personnel roam the streets looking for a job.

Granted, there has been the debate on talent versus qualification. A line of thought is held by others that talent is vital in the field of journalism and not a paper that says you qualify to perform the duties of a journalist. While I am impartial to both views, I however agree to the thinking that possessing both of these traits are the critical skills needed to grasp the ever-changing media field. Without a marriage of these two there is a ceiling to which you can improve and create better work of the society. Exceptions will be found in this debate but they should be then a way of testing such individuals’ IQ to see if they can make the cut.

There has been a huge loss of experienced personnel in the media because of corrupt dealings and lack of a progressive media; against a career whose demand has never faded. Despite the unwillingness of the country to relax media laws, journalism remains a very well thought of career.

While the army stepped in to address the nation that it had taken over the country and choosing to make it the official broadcaster of all things related to its ‘actions’, we could all see the need to improve this unit to be at par with the world. I am really shocked at the costs of revamping a TV studio and how they have failed to do so whilst there are the only television station that receive millions of dollars in advertising revenue and can potentially do so with a proper business model in place.

zbc pics

On their radio stations, the corporation has failed dismally to create models that can best become regional power houses. There has been a large exodus of talent/professionals that have gone on to work in newly licensed radio stations in the country and beat them at their own game since independence. Their loss is not because they have remained with poor resources, it is because of poor planning and business models. Talent left in these stations have had to suffer un-ending red tape and has reduced them to beggars and ‘freebie’ freaks.

Just like an old Mugabe that needed to go, there is need to also retire old ZBC habits and personnel that have no idea on where to take the broadcaster. My only wish from the new leadership now is to properly engage individuals that can improve the state broadcaster. It must start serving people of all walks of life and thrive to see financial liberation back into it. The change of such a huge entity in the country will most assuredly bring joy and hope of good things to come in the country.

zbc pics 1



Who is getting his way, Mugabe or the revolution?

We all have been again deceived by Mugabe’s hunger to rule that has seen him cling onto power for 37 years or its either that we have been reduced to dimwits by the cleverness of the army and schemers of the ‘coup’ (not a coup) scenario in Zimbabwe such that, since a new state of play unfolded in Zimbabwe, we have not been able to predict the next steps into this new dispensation, that is, what will happen to the old man?

Yesterday’s eagerly anticipated address to the nation on the backdrop of military control of government and arrests, citizens march in solidarity and detest of the tyranny, a ruling party ultimatum and various other closed door meetings proved all for nothing. Analysts who had spent the better half of the past days trying to predict Mugabe’s next move were left to put tail between legs and well, frustratingly analyse and speculate further.

Mugabe AP
Robert Mugabe (right) meets generals at State House in Harare on Sunday. Photograph: AP

My colleagues and I had, for the greater part of the day, expressed with much confidence his stepping down,

“just a matter of time and has nowhere to go” they said

If the days gone by are anything to judge the future, we can do nothing but wait and see things unfold while our predictions are chucked into the trash can.

There is a certain power at play here, there is a process, laid out initially that has eluded local and international analysts. There lies, within this whole fracas a mastermind who has plotted and moved his pieces immaculately and is in control of this game.

Emmerson Mnangagwa seems (in my view) to have earned his ‘mastermind’ credentials and is emerging stronger and resolute to keep the world guessing on the cards he holds dear to his chest.

Many believed Robert Mugabe’s move yesterday was a check like in a game of chess, NO! A check mate is coming. This was all part of the plan!

Emmerson Mnangagwa has left no stone unturned and is using his senior statesmanship into advantage far more than we have ever managed to try and grasp. I have never seen a large number of reporters and analysts fail to predict an outcome in huge numbers as what happened yesterday prompting me to suggest (in the days to come) to focus more on what we know rather than what we would like to see. This should go on record, many of us could not see this coming.

The next following days in Zimbabwe are crucial and with time we will grasp the state of play here.

As it stands, universal understanding of Zimbabwean politics or the status quo have been shuttered and we can only but speculate.

As much as I would love to do that here, I will not (sadly I have been made to swallow back my words for far too long) but eagerly wait for the day of official independence. Yesterday’s expulsions of members within ZANU PF coupled with various life changing moments days before was liberating, but there is a much larger target in sight.

Emmerson Mnangagwa will go down in history as the great orchestrator of Robert Mugabe’s fall from power and (or with) grace and has learnt one important thing in war.

“Amat Victoria Curam” that is Latin to say “Victory Loves Preparation”.

17 year old school leaver crowned S.A Idols season 13 winner.

A new S.A Idols winner has been crowned, she is only 17 and becomes an instant millionaire.

Paxton Fielies, 17, the youngest ever contestant and finalist has been crowned Idols season 13 winner at a colorful show held at Carnival City on Sunday afternoon. She becomes an instant millionaire and a receiver of a number of goodies and a recording deal that could potentially be the catapult to a vibrant career, or not.

Receiving more than 13 million votes, between the two of them, she took away the prize and became an instant media sensation. The young lady from Capetown stole the hearts of the show fans with her beauty, innocence, humility and vocal ability

The finalists showed up ready to lay it all down but everyone could hear the super vocal ability Paxton has been adorned with despite Mthokozisi being announced as being a nose better in the race to bag the highest paying musical competition in the land.

Mthokozisi could have lost it all by shoddily conceding to R.Kelly’s hit song ‘the storm is over’ whilst Paxton ushered out great vocals on her choice of opening performance.

If performances on these songs where in anyway the final decider to the show, the Zulu boy could have lost it.

In the end, the show is decided purely on the number of willing voters the finalists would have amassed in the run up to this one afternoon and nothing to do with how they performed on the final show.

Voting for the show almost reached a 100 million as the nation decided on who they next idol will be.

The duo between the two finalists was probably the highlight of the show and Paxton was pushing a very high range and seemed more comfortable than I have ever seen.

I do admit I have cringed a couple of times in this season having to endure crooked notes and poor performances but this afternoon it was much better and more a great show from these remaining artists with Paxton continuing her great run and maturity which could be a good amount of traits to have moving forward.

The school drop out winner, Paxton will soon be driving in a new car to school attending grade 11 with a number plate written ‘banana’; be sure to congratulate her when you spot it (if the claims on the show are anything to go by).

Zimbabweans in the diaspora: Less likely to return home due to ongoing politicking.

Zimbabweans living in South Africa have expressed utter disgust over the ongoing political fiasco reported in the media, thwarting any hope they possessed on ever going back home. The perpetual vilification of political members opposed to the nonagenarian leader and his family is leading many to believe that only if a civil war broke down, it could rid the nation of the scum that has for years now, ran the country aground.

The South African government agreed to renew permits for the millions of its neighbours nationalities a few months ago and long queues have been the norm in the different stations where the applications are being processed.

When I visited one such station in Midrand, Zimbabweans could not hide the pain they feel over the recent dismissal of Emmerson Mnangagwa and other political figures in the past. It seemed the recent firing of such a huge political figure like Mnangagwa only showed the extent at which the country is in shambles.

Many who I spoke to where overjoyed the South African government had decided to renew their permits, giving them more time to work for their families and forget about the hardships back home.

South Africa harbours over two millions Zimbabweans according to figures released in 2008 by S.A Home Affairs. This number is however not a true reflection of what is on the ground as there are many who have migrated and are not in the system. It has been difficult for the S.A government to correctly determine how many Zimbabweans are actually resident in their country but the number is believed to be even larger as troubles embattle their neighbours.


Some who I spoke to expressed no remorse for Emmerson Mnangagwa who they believe had been a strong member in orchestrating many wrong doings before and now deserves to be treated just the same way he has done unto others. They blamed him for failing to play his cards right and anticipating where it would lead, seeing how close he was from the head of state, President Mugabe.

Zimbabweans living down south are not in any way ignorant of current happenings in their home country. It is incredible to hear them speak. The amount of information (true or false) that they possess is astonishing for a people that are far from home and constantly consumed by the pursuit of economic happiness.

I have gathered that the many Zimbabweans residing here are individuals who at times would have never met at home, coming from different backgrounds and families possessing different opinions and knowledge. Some of which should not be treated as hogwash. You could be speaking to ex-militia, informants, ex-cons, wanted criminals and even ex-government employees who have loads of information and networks back home.

The ongoing factionalism in the country however, has brought out the true feelings of disgust from almost all that I spoke to. None have any hope of ever going back home and do not care anymore,

“Whatever happens now, I simply don’t care. It’s hopeless to think that Mugabe will step down anytime soon. Even if he does, you are most guaranteed that his wife Grace will be part of the leadership whilst her accomplices (in the G40 faction) will control the strings of the economy on her behalf. Her children will most definitely continue being nuisance as they have been and nothing or no-one will stop them now” An angry Daniel (not his real name) said.

With General Constantino Chiwenga, appearing at a news conference with another 90 senior army officers yesterday and hitting out on the squabbling and removal of liberation war heroes, many believe interesting times are ahead for the country.

Zimbabwe Army General Constantino Chiwenga (AFP)

The general is believed to be the only person who could stop all the nonsense within the ruling government and could possibly steer the country into another era, if he so decided to plan to take matters into his own hands. Yesterday’s press conference gave hope to many who believe they could still be light at the end of the tunnel.

A comment under a Newsday article on General Chiwenga’s press conference reads,

“mbwa dzevanhu

“Well done Chiwenga, if you mean what you said. But if we all know how Mugabe and Zanu PF have operated, such a statement will cost you life, and Mugabe doesn’t forgive such a poor show of loyalty. It is therefore puzzling that for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe’s independence some one can issue such a grave warning to Mugabe and remain alive in Zimbabwe. If there are no machinations behind this statement, CDE Chiwenga is better off acting sooner rather than later. There is no question that most of Zimbabwe and indeed the rest of the world will be behind the Chiwenga implied action. We may be able to save what’s left of this country, and from dynasty”


Another also said on the same page,

Person of Interest

Chiwenga a good chance for you to climb to the top. Forget about Ngwena think about yourself and Mary. Boot the Matibilis out of power, book Jonso into the same cage at Chikurubhi with Gumbura. Tell everyone the country needs 5 years stbilising period with you at top before free & fair elections. Abolish indigenisation laws reduce tax etc, thereby attracting investment. After 5 years everyone is employed and happy they will want you to stay. We will even forget kutizvambura kwawakaita 2008 along with all the other offside statements you make about Zanu PF yega being fit to rule Zim.”

Zimbabwe volatility assures no one of a brighter a future, including politicians themselves. Nothing is ever promised tomorrow today, as we have seen in the fall from  grace of Emmerson. It might seem bad to wish for internal conflict to achieve a somewhat clean up of all rogue elements and prosperous country in the future but the current crop of politicking within the present government have left people with very littl choice.

Voting seems not to be an option as well, with many citing previous elections as rigged and unfair while citizens in the diaspora are still not eligible to vote.

It’s a matter of waiting to see how it all goes, until then, the many residing in South Africa and abroad are not in a rush to go back and participate in the turmoil the nation finds itself in.


Winky D feat Beenie Man, fire can’t cool!

Just received this new track from Winky D and Beenie Man and I have two words for it Fan- tastic!

I doesn’t take me a minute to realise a hit when I hear one. As a matter of fact I think, every artist should run their music by me, I have a good ear.

Though I felt he should have sang (or chanted) more, as much as Beenie did, I still think its a really great offering from the dancehall artist.

Here is the track, enjoy!

Killer Tee management takes fans for granted!

A small pub in Randburg played host to probably the best dancehall artist in Zimbabwe at the moment, Killer T on Saturday the 4th of November.

Despite my best intentions not to get frustrated in any way over what seems to be a perennial culture for Zimbabwean music promotion, that of poor planning and live shows, I couldn’t help but just.

The show, supposed to start at six in the evening (a suspicious time from the onset) started at one in the morning the following day. The worst ever wait I have ever had to endure for an artist, especially after having spent my hard earned R100 to gain entry and travelled across two Gauteng regions.

The club, Alicats, was definitely the wrong place to host the dancehall artist having only a few square meters allocated to the show and the rest to a different DJ and a VIP enclosure. By the time he eventually got on stage, seven hours later, he struggled to move freely with a stampede ensuing at the only entrance and exit to the club.

Killer T performing at Ali Cats in Randburg (Pic by Joseph Maramba)

I guess there is no denying that the more artists from Zimbabwe fail to put on a good show outside their boarders, they only tarnish the effort to further put our music and artistry on the map.

Killer Tee is getting good air play on regional stations and should have known better than to keep the crowds waiting for more than seven hours.

I caught wind of a rumour that ensued during the long wait that as we waited, that Killer Tee was playing at another venue in the same town. Efforts to get any sort of answers as to the long wait were nonexistent, staff from the club kept promising he was going to show up soon.

Many a times, fans outside Zimbabwe have been shortchanged by cash mongers who have no respect in honouring professionalism. Artists have been advertised and not showed up which has left a lot of fans wondering whether to attend some shows advertised within the city.

Unless a show is advertised by professionally run organisations such as Computicket, which has the ability to advertise, organize and set up the shows according to demand and even refund if anything fails, Zimbabweans living in South Africa simply leave it to chance when it comes to any other advertised show.

Yesterday was less disappointing compared to other flaws, given the fact that Killer T eventually showed up.

My only fear is ruining the next time they decide to invite him again, fans will most probably choose to arrive at midnight or later or never. Negatively playing on his brand and professional levels.

If there were any hidden plans to push bar sales for seven hours before he came on stage, it worked but not for the second time running. Chances are the next time he is at the same club, less fans will travel to see him unless his management explains to the many fans that were packed like sardines and had to wait for hours on end just to see him perform.