Bob finally speaks, but ask yourself why?

Let us take a moment to realise that the democracy Mugabe mentions in this statement is the same that he and his team of crooks snatched from the people of Zimbabwe leaving them as vagabonds and gypsies throughout the face of the earth.


In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black and wrongly perceived to be a blow to the current Mnangagwa institution or the progress of the nation, Robert Mugabe finally gathered himself up (well, if he still can) and with the help of his mastermind come downfall Grace and company, spoke out on the events leading to his departure from the country’s helm.

Take a look at the video here.

I am no politician dare I say but have a keen understanding of the unspoken word, the between the lines conversations, body language and tone. I believe, to better understand any situation or a person one has to carefully scrutinise.

Mugabe’s statement can easily tell you of a man, defiant to the end, obsessed with power and unashamed of what he had become. He holds a certain disregard of the people which can be felt when he easily lies and like a magician, assume to make us believe he is the victim.

His wife plays along too, conniving to say the least, a mastermind of sorts and far from being loved by the people and keen to have his family back on solid ground.

Describing his administration to have “short comings here and there”, suggesting people to “obey the law” is an indication of either how old he is to have forgotten how a couple of generations have been altered because of his failure to demonstrate what he preaches today.

How does one man who seemingly was not interested in discussing a change of fortunes for his people while he still had the chance, want to do so now when he has been relinquished of power? How does he become relevant today when he failed to do so for over 37 years? What could he possibly do now that he has never done in the past and are we to start trusting him now when he broke that trust for years.

And in just a press statement, like a wizard sprinkling magic dust in a portion intended at causing unwanted hype and confusion amongst the masses, Mugabe seems adamant to see himself remain the centre of attraction within the country.

I believe that before we make too much of the press statement and how it all might seem bigger of the man to extend an olive branch to ED in the guise of saving the country, take a moment to reflect on the past years where he paid no attention to the will and voice of the people and bulldozed his way to become a self imposed king with a very uncultured queen and an infamous round table of politicians and ministers, meant to rule forever, even from his grave.

Let us take a moment to realise that the democracy Mugabe mentions in this statement is the same that he and his team of crooks snatched from the people of Zimbabwe leaving them as vagabonds and gypsies throughout the face of the earth.

It’s a really sad story of a man who has lost what he thought he would never.

It’s all a game to them

It must sound all to blunt, but the current state of affairs in the country leave a lot to be desired. It seems (like what it has always does) that this up and down, back and forth is a game to every politician involved. While their rich kids are driving Benz automobiles, the poor have to put worry before anything, on where their next meal will come from.

No longer is it impossible to dream in Zimbabwe, the political confusion, clutter and chatter is too much to make for a peaceful dream at night. It seems, there is no end in sight.

In an interview with John Ray (ITV), Mugabe still believes the country is better off compared to other nations in Africa,

“we weren’t that bad..” he says

It’s sad to see how detached from the realities of the country he has become and will probably never see the truth for what it is with the people surrounding him. They have managed to create and feed him a lie that he was and still is the best thing that has happened to the bread basket of Africa.

Where to now?

If you ask me, I have no idea what will work in the country. Over the past weeks they have been formations and alliances in the political arena and one could develop a mild migraine trying to make sense of it all.

Will voting work or will Mnangagwa take over the reigns from his mentor to rig and rule for ever? Or maybe, defy odds and win the hearts of the people freely and fair?

Will the opposition finally take over the country and place their hopes over the 40 year old charming Nelson Chamisa who has been compared to the likes of Emmanuel Macron?

Or will they be a new player/s in the arena, ready to take my beloved to an all new high? I wonder.


I hate politics.

No candidate is eager for your expectations, neither are they thinking along the same lines as you! In the end, we are all victims, like sheep headed to the slaughter house.

I hate politics. In fact, I detest politics as much as I do the Manchester United and Real Madrid football teams, I always want to see them lose! Its a feeling I have just the same way some people hate Church, the weather or bananas. I would rather have and live in society where the people are much better off and important than the politician assuming power under the pretence of helping us. For we all know that as soon as they have power, they do what politicians have always done for many years to those that contribute to their rise, defecate on their poor judgement gullibility.

I hate politics worse when my people are involuntarily made to participate, discuss or argue over an issue they forget, always comes back to haunt them. Lest they forget, the last politician we had to dump BUT there they go again, on the same collision course, headed for undeniable disaster. I would have rather lived in a complete and true monarchy system where my clan’s fate would have been sealed long before I existed rather than to fight to have another’s in power clinging to a fading hope that my life will be made better by another man.

I see it everyday, the foolishness of the people. Searching around for answers to to a conundrum and claim to have foreseen, heard or deduced correctly when it all fails. I look at the lot and laugh and have since stopped to share my thoughts on friends and family who seem to have it figured out, politically. I am surrounded by pretend political specialists who have no idea how ridiculous they sound when they go all on about their candidate and how best he or she will work. It clearly doesn’t matter what you think or claim to know, politicians are a different breed of people, trust them at your own peril.

No candidate is eager for your expectations, neither are they thinking along the same lines as you! In the end, we are all victims, like sheep headed to the slaughter house.

The common men tends to chose a politician by gut feeling, looks and a few reports on the news. This is by no means a complete understanding of the person who will soon represent you. Your dire need to get a piece of land or a job after his elevation are much slimmer than searching for one on your own. Chances are, you will live to regret voting for him. For there are no politicians for the people, only politicians for politics. Once in power, they seek to stay in power. Their day to day core business lies on making sure they keep power by any means necessary.

As such a country is divided into macro and micro economics. The man on the street has to deal with the latter while presidents and elected officials have to deal with the former. Far too hectic to be dealing with individual situations of the entire populace. Therefore, we are classed into categories and bracketed off into a statistic. The end to our suffering is never promised. We still have to make ends meet from the scraps falling from the master’s table. It still remains a do or die affair for the masses who receive very little assistance from governments. You become what you become by sheer hard work and determination and certainly not because of who took over power.

Why do I say so?

Imagine if we had no politicians and political parties. A free for all playground where you existed purely for your own good and that of your family. A free society. The world would have moved steadily out of any era and democratic socialism would have ruled the world. I cannot see where politics and politicians have done for us other than divide and scatter us away from our inheritance and promise.

In Zimbabwe, they talk highly of Robert Mugabe and how, without him we would have been stuck in some time warp. I say we would have progressed much faster if the society would have called the shots or any other leader assumed power. I choose to rubbish all that and sadly take back all the praises I have ever sung for the nonagenarian ex-leader, for I hadn’t seen the light.  I reckon we would have eased our way into today one way or the other instead of pinning our hopes on a man, he is just a man after all.

It was never about us (the people)! It was all about him and his posse comitatus who for over 30 years suppressed and rooted out any elements of opposition making him a somewhat demigod, who believed was only worthy of praise and the throne until his death. I have no regard whatsoever for an individual who managed to destroy generations upon generations of the country and to date still remains defiant.

While the gap between the poor and rich widens, the majority (who sadly are the former) still find it important to chant and promote certain individuals to power, clinging onto a glimmer of hope and verily no chance at all of seeing the light and an end to their struggle. Remember this, it is never about the people, it has never been!

The political environment in Zimbabwe have gone from largely autocratic to a somewhat dog’s breakfast of sorts since the resignation of Robert Mugabe. I say so with so much disgust because I have never been the one to put my fate on a man. For far too long we have been made to believe we are on the right track when we had derailed and steaming full speed onto our demise.

Who then amongst the many that stand today asking to be recognised as leader once stood against the Goliath that has been slain. Who amongst them spoke of the injustices committed to our mothers and fathers and who here revolted against the tyranny and is not a tyrant on their own?

I maintain that we do not need politics and politicians. We do not need the theatre of it in our lives. We would do much better focusing on a different society, one without the politics that will most definitely guarantee us a peace of mind like no other.

Its easy to say that in Africa, these deciding factors on politicians are thrown out the window and distortion techniques occupy the fore front of any election. For a moment, I wish we would pause to think about the choice we are about to make, does this person qualify? We would see that the largest number of politicians are not meant to hold public office and their understanding of issues lives a lot to be desired!


Instead we are forever bombarded with issues that easily distort the entire process. Noise takes over and the focus is lost and before we know it, we have the likes of Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma, Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin, etc in power and no end in sight to the suffering.

All this is for when you decide to use your voting ‘power’ which remains the most ridiculous form of power there is on earth. The system is mostly corrupted and you vote does not mean anything. For far too long we have been robbed of our voice and voting is but just another waste of time. Whoever holds the reigns of power, is powerful enough to keep power.

A famous writer once said:

“Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.” 
― George Orwell1984

Is you ask me, I don’t trust anyone who says ‘trust me’ and certainly not the politicians routing for a chance to become the next president in the country. You are probably saying to me,

“You have to make a choice and you have to be pro-active!”

I say, “Its a waste of my time and nothing will change”

bill clinton

For a learned country, we are still very dumb!

I wish to express my utmost disgust at the negativity of some political figures in my country Zimbabwe. After so many years of in house political squabbles and fighting, human rights abuses and highest ever kleptocratic tendencies from political figures and near fatal to fatal experiences of a varying number of societal figures, we still remain today a learned country with very little wisdom to run it.

After the fall from grace of Mugabe, the country was in unison. Aligning itself to the re-building cause and strangely looking the part of a somewhat happy family of brothers and sisters who despite their differences where tethered together and working for one common cause, for the good of the country.

The infamous ‘iwe neni tine basa‘ signature statement from Robert Mugabe on the night the whole world waited with baited breath on his resignation is true henceforth but as usual there are conflicting views on how the country should be run, formations and re-formations of alliances and back stabbers who for their own reasons or the other, want to control the destiny of the country, just like before.

As I always have said, I am in no way a political aspirant but pay very close attention to this very important patch of our country.

Sanctions have and will always hurt the people and should not be used to settle political scores and gain mileage or a reputation from our ‘sanction-ers’. It is ridiculous to think that to date, the MDC believe sanctions will fine tune a leader’s actions?

It is clear that Zimbabweans are no longer interested in seemingly ‘wiser than thou’ leaders who interests do not lie with the people. We are not looking for leadership that seems to be doing it for the people when in fact they are failing to bring about meaningful discussions on how the future of the country should be.

A few people I have spoken to believe we have been suffering for far too long and it would not hurt if we can hold on a few months before the sanctions are removed.

Thats a few more months of suffering and less hope for my people. We can no longer wait a day or two for the economy to move an inch into better. It is a prayer we have been uttering for years on end, it is the hope we had in any new leadership after the 37 year old rule of Mugabe.

I will like to end my rant by saying ‘Stop it’ in Grace Mugabe’s voice.

Let us move on together, paying close attention to what we are supposed to and together build a nation without sanctions and without vendettas.

Who is getting his way, Mugabe or the revolution?

We all have been again deceived by Mugabe’s hunger to rule that has seen him cling onto power for 37 years or its either that we have been reduced to dimwits by the cleverness of the army and schemers of the ‘coup’ (not a coup) scenario in Zimbabwe such that, since a new state of play unfolded in Zimbabwe, we have not been able to predict the next steps into this new dispensation, that is, what will happen to the old man?

Yesterday’s eagerly anticipated address to the nation on the backdrop of military control of government and arrests, citizens march in solidarity and detest of the tyranny, a ruling party ultimatum and various other closed door meetings proved all for nothing. Analysts who had spent the better half of the past days trying to predict Mugabe’s next move were left to put tail between legs and well, frustratingly analyse and speculate further.

Mugabe AP
Robert Mugabe (right) meets generals at State House in Harare on Sunday. Photograph: AP

My colleagues and I had, for the greater part of the day, expressed with much confidence his stepping down,

“just a matter of time and has nowhere to go” they said

If the days gone by are anything to judge the future, we can do nothing but wait and see things unfold while our predictions are chucked into the trash can.

There is a certain power at play here, there is a process, laid out initially that has eluded local and international analysts. There lies, within this whole fracas a mastermind who has plotted and moved his pieces immaculately and is in control of this game.

Emmerson Mnangagwa seems (in my view) to have earned his ‘mastermind’ credentials and is emerging stronger and resolute to keep the world guessing on the cards he holds dear to his chest.

Many believed Robert Mugabe’s move yesterday was a check like in a game of chess, NO! A check mate is coming. This was all part of the plan!

Emmerson Mnangagwa has left no stone unturned and is using his senior statesmanship into advantage far more than we have ever managed to try and grasp. I have never seen a large number of reporters and analysts fail to predict an outcome in huge numbers as what happened yesterday prompting me to suggest (in the days to come) to focus more on what we know rather than what we would like to see. This should go on record, many of us could not see this coming.

The next following days in Zimbabwe are crucial and with time we will grasp the state of play here.

As it stands, universal understanding of Zimbabwean politics or the status quo have been shuttered and we can only but speculate.

As much as I would love to do that here, I will not (sadly I have been made to swallow back my words for far too long) but eagerly wait for the day of official independence. Yesterday’s expulsions of members within ZANU PF coupled with various life changing moments days before was liberating, but there is a much larger target in sight.

Emmerson Mnangagwa will go down in history as the great orchestrator of Robert Mugabe’s fall from power and (or with) grace and has learnt one important thing in war.

“Amat Victoria Curam” that is Latin to say “Victory Loves Preparation”.

Zimbabweans in the diaspora: Less likely to return home due to ongoing politicking.

Zimbabweans living in South Africa have expressed utter disgust over the ongoing political fiasco reported in the media, thwarting any hope they possessed on ever going back home. The perpetual vilification of political members opposed to the nonagenarian leader and his family is leading many to believe that only if a civil war broke down, it could rid the nation of the scum that has for years now, ran the country aground.

The South African government agreed to renew permits for the millions of its neighbours nationalities a few months ago and long queues have been the norm in the different stations where the applications are being processed.

When I visited one such station in Midrand, Zimbabweans could not hide the pain they feel over the recent dismissal of Emmerson Mnangagwa and other political figures in the past. It seemed the recent firing of such a huge political figure like Mnangagwa only showed the extent at which the country is in shambles.

Many who I spoke to where overjoyed the South African government had decided to renew their permits, giving them more time to work for their families and forget about the hardships back home.

South Africa harbours over two millions Zimbabweans according to figures released in 2008 by S.A Home Affairs. This number is however not a true reflection of what is on the ground as there are many who have migrated and are not in the system. It has been difficult for the S.A government to correctly determine how many Zimbabweans are actually resident in their country but the number is believed to be even larger as troubles embattle their neighbours.


Some who I spoke to expressed no remorse for Emmerson Mnangagwa who they believe had been a strong member in orchestrating many wrong doings before and now deserves to be treated just the same way he has done unto others. They blamed him for failing to play his cards right and anticipating where it would lead, seeing how close he was from the head of state, President Mugabe.

Zimbabweans living down south are not in any way ignorant of current happenings in their home country. It is incredible to hear them speak. The amount of information (true or false) that they possess is astonishing for a people that are far from home and constantly consumed by the pursuit of economic happiness.

I have gathered that the many Zimbabweans residing here are individuals who at times would have never met at home, coming from different backgrounds and families possessing different opinions and knowledge. Some of which should not be treated as hogwash. You could be speaking to ex-militia, informants, ex-cons, wanted criminals and even ex-government employees who have loads of information and networks back home.

The ongoing factionalism in the country however, has brought out the true feelings of disgust from almost all that I spoke to. None have any hope of ever going back home and do not care anymore,

“Whatever happens now, I simply don’t care. It’s hopeless to think that Mugabe will step down anytime soon. Even if he does, you are most guaranteed that his wife Grace will be part of the leadership whilst her accomplices (in the G40 faction) will control the strings of the economy on her behalf. Her children will most definitely continue being nuisance as they have been and nothing or no-one will stop them now” An angry Daniel (not his real name) said.

With General Constantino Chiwenga, appearing at a news conference with another 90 senior army officers yesterday and hitting out on the squabbling and removal of liberation war heroes, many believe interesting times are ahead for the country.

Zimbabwe Army General Constantino Chiwenga (AFP)

The general is believed to be the only person who could stop all the nonsense within the ruling government and could possibly steer the country into another era, if he so decided to plan to take matters into his own hands. Yesterday’s press conference gave hope to many who believe they could still be light at the end of the tunnel.

A comment under a Newsday article on General Chiwenga’s press conference reads,

“mbwa dzevanhu

“Well done Chiwenga, if you mean what you said. But if we all know how Mugabe and Zanu PF have operated, such a statement will cost you life, and Mugabe doesn’t forgive such a poor show of loyalty. It is therefore puzzling that for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe’s independence some one can issue such a grave warning to Mugabe and remain alive in Zimbabwe. If there are no machinations behind this statement, CDE Chiwenga is better off acting sooner rather than later. There is no question that most of Zimbabwe and indeed the rest of the world will be behind the Chiwenga implied action. We may be able to save what’s left of this country, and from dynasty”


Another also said on the same page,

Person of Interest

Chiwenga a good chance for you to climb to the top. Forget about Ngwena think about yourself and Mary. Boot the Matibilis out of power, book Jonso into the same cage at Chikurubhi with Gumbura. Tell everyone the country needs 5 years stbilising period with you at top before free & fair elections. Abolish indigenisation laws reduce tax etc, thereby attracting investment. After 5 years everyone is employed and happy they will want you to stay. We will even forget kutizvambura kwawakaita 2008 along with all the other offside statements you make about Zanu PF yega being fit to rule Zim.”

Zimbabwe volatility assures no one of a brighter a future, including politicians themselves. Nothing is ever promised tomorrow today, as we have seen in the fall from  grace of Emmerson. It might seem bad to wish for internal conflict to achieve a somewhat clean up of all rogue elements and prosperous country in the future but the current crop of politicking within the present government have left people with very littl choice.

Voting seems not to be an option as well, with many citing previous elections as rigged and unfair while citizens in the diaspora are still not eligible to vote.

It’s a matter of waiting to see how it all goes, until then, the many residing in South Africa and abroad are not in a rush to go back and participate in the turmoil the nation finds itself in.


Grace Mugabe’s assault(ee) in pictures.

This is the woman who has taken two countries into a diplomatic gaffe that will most probably make life a lot harder than it has been already for most Zimbabweans.

Meet Gabriella Engels. She is 20.

Pic courtesy of her Facebook page.

This is the young lady who has taken two countries into a diplomatic gaffe that will most probably make life a lot harder than it has been already for most Zimbabweans.

I have heard the name in numerous publications and broadcasts and wondered who this unfortunate lady is, who has fallen victim over the first lady’s violent acts and this time through the nasty end of a power chord.

Gabriella Engels
Pic courtesy of her Facebook page

While the story unfolds and with only one side of it available so far, we can only assume that Amai Grace’s silence says it all. With so many versions of the story, one can only assume there is more than what could have transpired in that room on that fateful night than what the eye can see and the ear can hear.

Read more about Grace Mugabe’s history of violence here

Known as Gaby on her social platforms and with very little information on it other than her 19th June birthday, Gabriel could be in a state of ‘anxitement’ as she has become popular overnight whilst still tending to wounds afflicted by the less graceful, Mrs Mugabe.

This could finally be her moment, not that she intended and certainly not that I am for such a behaviour from our leaders, but it could be a turning point into the lives of the two who stand on opposite sides. One could fall, as the hashtag goes, while the other rises to popularity though being on the receiving end of a brutal attack or sadly it could be such a dull ending to a story that has got everyone in South Africa totally flabbergasted after it goes through unending diplomatic talks and negotiations. I say this knowing so well how such cases can be swept under the rug of judicial arm twisting.

Gabriella Engel 2
Gabriella Engels: Courtesy of her Facebook page

There isn’t much to say on such an incident rather than to wish for a speedy and agreeable end to a nightmare that could be potentially disastrous to political ties and Zimbabwean nationalities in South Africa.

All could be lost through the actions of one person who, no matter the provocation could not let God take care of it on her behalf or let her grace and bodyguards handle it on her behalf if reports of her being attacked first are to be taken as truth.

As it is women’s month in South Africa, the public is further disgusted and seeking the full wrath of the law regardless of societal stature. It is however interesting to note that there has never been an arrest of a first lady in any country outside her own in history and with Uncle Bob set to arrive in South Africa to sort out issues, it could be long until this record is broken.

Gabriella Engels (1)
Bandaged and saddened: Gabriella Engels

Listen to Gabriella Engels radio interview here

Messages through her Facebook showed mixed emotions and tones, the two countries will need to use their diplomacy to the fullest to bring calm to this sad fiasco.

Here’s what some of her followers on Facebook had to say:

Jonathan van der Mkhize You’re so pretty just stop mingling with foreigners and good luck on your case (criminal & civil) sue the shit out of disGrace Mugabe, good luck to Gerrie Nel too. Good luck future millionaire (in Rands 😉

Channon Merricks #GraceMugabe had every right to use an extention cord and light to assualt someone ….. however she failed as a mother to discipline her children ….. she failed as a parent to leave her boys in a hotel whilst they are students without proper supervision …. she failed as first lady of Zimbabwe to ensure there is better universities in her country than in another country …. she failed to assault her boys as she had every right to assualt them ….. so assaulting someone else child because you failed as a parent means you are angry at the wrong person …. as a first lady you should lead the no violence against women but you are now accused of violence against a women in another country …..Now running away from police show you are guilty and failling again as a first lady and mother, to account for your actions, your boys will also run away from facing the consequences of there own ill discipline in future ..Boys learn from their mothers..To the victim, be strong and fight the good fight

And then there was a reply:

Heine TheRoyal Tutor Wittgenstein You talk rather too much for someone who constructs sentences no better than a 12 year old. Was the mother wrong to protect her children from a predatory woman with potential STD’s? I don’t think so. Maybe her methods were not ideal. But this rhetoric that she was trying to murder this non-woman is just absurd. People would go to such lengths to push this narrative of violence against women. If women are so sick of violence – maybe they should stop playing victim and stop dating men. Everybody wins!

A war is brewing. May God save the children.

Zim MP’s salary hike is bollocks!

There is nothing more revolting as a group of adults who have very little idea at the lack of influence they have had in society and yet think highly of themselves and think to make themselves even more flamboyant with tax players hard earnings.

I simply cannot deduce the IQ of MP’s in Zimbabwe, who against the background of a failing economy, a non existent currency, severe cash shortages and an invisible presence in the communities that they represent, find it appropriate to ‘push’ for a raise and compare themselves with other parliaments who, the last time I checked, where in actual fact putting in some work towards their constituencies than they are.

Read more here on their exploits to bleed the country dry.

The World Economic Forum publishes a report yearly titled “The Global Information Technology Report which examines the increasing proliferation of technology and its effects on advancing global prosperity. Zimbabwe, which is obviously a part of this world today, is also probed and there is just one word that best describes the figures released here, stupid!

Firstly, comparing yourself with other African parliamentarians when you don’t put in the work is foolishness. The Zimbabwean parliament is poorly ranked that it doesn’t even qualify for a salary at all.

MP’s in the once was bread basket have failed to deliver in all aspects of their job and only exist to milk the tax payer’s coffers with fancy suits, expensive tastes, womanising, napping during sessions, atrocious arguments and lack of understanding of issues debated within the house. In the end the country never gets their money’s worth and the masses suffer while they drive around in expensive fancy cars wearing the finest suits.

I have put in the text below comparisons between earnings and effectiveness of the houses coupled with their rankings within this report produced by the World Economic Forum in 2016. This will make us understand how outrageous their cry for an increment is and how untimely unjustified it is.

Botswana is the highest ranked amongst other law makers in its effectiveness to at 29 out of 139 with a value of 4.5 out of 7. Their Judiciary Independence is at 36 out of 139 and valued 4.8 out of 7. Within the region, Botswana is highly placed and is well deserving of a raise than any other.

Judiciary Independence is the concept that the judiciary needs to be kept away from the other branches of government. That is, courts should not be subject to improper influence from the other branches of government, or from private or partisan interests.

South African law makers are ranked 32 out 139 and giving them a good value score of 4.4 out of a possible 7.  They also score a Judicial Independence score of 24 out of 139, valued at 5,4. They come second in the shout to get a raise.

Uganda is ranked 51/139 with a value of 4. Judiciary Independence at 91/139 with a value of 3.4 out of 7.

Kenya’s parliament is ranked at 60 out of 139 and with a value of 3,9 out of 7. Judiciary Independence on 61/139 and with a value ranking of 4,1/7

Tanzania parliament is ranked 63 in the world out 139 and valued at 3,8 out of 7. Judiciary Independence is ranked 89/139 with a value of 3.4/7.

All of these countries have come about after Nelson Chamisa, the Chairperson of the Sub-committee on Legal and Procedural Services compared their salaries with the countries above. It seems there is no other indicator that can show us how the Zimbabwean parliament’s effectiveness other than the one created by the World Economic Forum and if these law makers where in any way fully responsible in their duties, one could feel for them, but when there are not (as it is the case); the increment is not justified!

The Zimbabwean Parliament is the worst ranked within the region at 91/139 and valued at 3.4 out of 7. Its Judiciary Independence is outrageously ranked at 115 and lowly valued at 2,7 out of 7. If these were school grades, it would be an outright fail.

There is nothing more revolting as a group of adults who have very little idea at the lack of influence they have had in society and yet think highly of themselves and think to make themselves even more flamboyant with tax players hard earnings.

The nation has been struggling to take care of its own educated professionals such as doctors, nurses and artisans and have seen a major labour migration to surrounding countries. If anything, the government needs to cut down on expenditure and look at ways of having it function with fewer leadership positions in government and find ways of retaining skilled labour force. Certainly not by increasing parliamentary salaries at the expense of the many other critical areas within the country that need to be looked at with speed.

In today’s world, if we are to ask for a salary increment, in a normal professional setting, one would look at their value and work put in first.

We cannot, as a society look away when such thievery is cultivated and let to flourish as it leads us further into destruction as a country.

In the past four years, the country’s legal system has slipped down 6 places in its networked readiness index and will continue to do so as long there is nobody out there ready to protect the rule of law and seriously tackle issues such as corruption, corruption and corruption (which seems to be the only problem Zimbabwe faces)