Zim MP’s salary hike is bollocks!

Zim MP’s salary hike is bollocks!

I simply cannot deduce the IQ of MP’s in Zimbabwe, who against the background of a failing economy, a non existent currency, severe cash shortages and an invisible presence in the communities that they represent, find it appropriate to ‘push’ for a raise and compare themselves with other parliaments who, the last time I checked, where in actual fact putting in some work towards their constituencies than they are.

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The World Economic Forum publishes a report yearly titled “The Global Information Technology Report which examines the increasing proliferation of technology and its effects on advancing global prosperity. Zimbabwe, which is obviously a part of this world today, is also probed and there is just one word that best describes the figures released here, stupid!

Firstly, comparing yourself with other African parliamentarians when you don’t put in the work is foolishness. The Zimbabwean parliament is poorly ranked that it doesn’t even qualify for a salary at all.

MP’s in the once was bread basket have failed to deliver in all aspects of their job and only exist to milk the tax payer’s coffers with fancy suits, expensive tastes, womanising, napping during sessions, atrocious arguments and lack of understanding of issues debated within the house. In the end the country never gets their money’s worth and the masses suffer while they drive around in expensive fancy cars wearing the finest suits.

I have put in the text below comparisons between earnings and effectiveness of the houses coupled with their rankings within this report produced by the World Economic Forum in 2016. This will make us understand how outrageous their cry for an increment is and how untimely unjustified it is.

Botswana is the highest ranked amongst other law makers in its effectiveness to at 29 out of 139 with a value of 4.5 out of 7. Their Judiciary Independence is at 36 out of 139 and valued 4.8 out of 7. Within the region, Botswana is highly placed and is well deserving of a raise than any other.

Judiciary Independence is the concept that the judiciary needs to be kept away from the other branches of government. That is, courts should not be subject to improper influence from the other branches of government, or from private or partisan interests.

South African law makers are ranked 32 out 139 and giving them a good value score of 4.4 out of a possible 7.  They also score a Judicial Independence score of 24 out of 139, valued at 5,4. They come second in the shout to get a raise.

Uganda is ranked 51/139 with a value of 4. Judiciary Independence at 91/139 with a value of 3.4 out of 7.

Kenya’s parliament is ranked at 60 out of 139 and with a value of 3,9 out of 7. Judiciary Independence on 61/139 and with a value ranking of 4,1/7

Tanzania parliament is ranked 63 in the world out 139 and valued at 3,8 out of 7. Judiciary Independence is ranked 89/139 with a value of 3.4/7.

All of these countries have come about after Nelson Chamisa, the Chairperson of the Sub-committee on Legal and Procedural Services compared their salaries with the countries above. It seems there is no other indicator that can show us how the Zimbabwean parliament’s effectiveness other than the one created by the World Economic Forum and if these law makers where in any way fully responsible in their duties, one could feel for them, but when there are not (as it is the case); the increment is not justified!

The Zimbabwean Parliament is the worst ranked within the region at 91/139 and valued at 3.4 out of 7. Its Judiciary Independence is outrageously ranked at 115 and lowly valued at 2,7 out of 7. If these were school grades, it would be an outright fail.

There is nothing more revolting as a group of adults who have very little idea at the lack of influence they have had in society and yet think highly of themselves and think to make themselves even more flamboyant with tax players hard earnings.

The nation has been struggling to take care of its own educated professionals such as doctors, nurses and artisans and have seen a major labour migration to surrounding countries. If anything, the government needs to cut down on expenditure and look at ways of having it function with fewer leadership positions in government and find ways of retaining skilled labour force. Certainly not by increasing parliamentary salaries at the expense of the many other critical areas within the country that need to be looked at with speed.

In today’s world, if we are to ask for a salary increment, in a normal professional setting, one would look at their value and work put in first.

We cannot, as a society look away when such thievery is cultivated and let to flourish as it leads us further into destruction as a country.

In the past four years, the country’s legal system has slipped down 6 places in its networked readiness index and will continue to do so as long there is nobody out there ready to protect the rule of law and seriously tackle issues such as corruption, corruption and corruption (which seems to be the only problem Zimbabwe faces)





If South Africa does not wake up now!…

Zimbabwe was once not an outright fail as it is today. There was a future, one full of hope and desirable and we all thought better of ourselves in the dream that it would never come to a grinding halt; until we woke up.

There isn’t much that can bring a once thriving nation on its knees, it is a mixture of incompetent leaders, thieves and no accountability in areas of the nation that matter the most. One can never underestimate the power of being a minister for the people and the duties that befall upon them.

Therefore it follows that only competent and enthusiastic (since we might fail to always get the former) individuals should hold positions of influence and of leadership that can allow the country to move in a certain direction biased towards prosperity and growth.

Why is it that leaders in Africa are so eager to get their hands dirty than there are in leaving a legacy of hard work and success? Are we all just cursed to be kleptocrats with no bright future ahead.

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“Clairvoyance is the stuff of fortune tellers; journalists report on the world.” KEVEN ANN WILLEY

“Clairvoyance is the stuff of fortune tellers; journalists report on the world.” KEVEN ANN WILLEY

Predicting Outcomes Is Not Our Job

A part of this article reflects a part of my heart. Its been on my mind and sadly as I am too far detached from their world, I still feel my fellow journos in states could have done better. There has never been an embarrassing moment for journalism than the post-US 2016 election days we find ourselves in. If words like ‘polls’ and ‘ratings’ have ever been thrown around pretending to somewhat predict the future, we stand dampened by our own words and calculations and asking ourselves a million times the same question, how did Trump win this one?

So far no one who put out a poll has come out to apologise in having got it wrong, I guess because journalists own the space they right in and so don’t really have to apologise. We simply write about something else for a change while we shy from exposing ourselves on how we made the wrong predictions. I can gladly say ‘we’ in this context because I too was convinced that the great news anchors and reporters in the world, I gladly look up to, made such mistake.

I blogged here the other day on my disgust over Trump as a candidate and I am sadly eating humble pie. Well at least it was just my opinion. Statistics are what puzzle me, how and who where they where derived from leaves me dumbfounded. How could the whole world eagerly wait for a Hillary Clinton win only to wake up to horrible realisation that Trump had done the seemingly impossible task considering the amount of reporting against his win.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, a prophet saw the outcome of the elections, or wait; maybe he took a look at the polls one morning and decided to run with them to his synagogue. I am sure his business is reeling on the aftermath and we all know God did not give him that vision now. I’m just saying, now we know!

Journalists tend to cultivate winners of any election, we like to be right and in turn convince the masses on what route to take in their lives. For once showed the world showed us that they really don’t care about what we report about. That it is all about what they truly believe inside that counts and not the numbers and figures. Which is a cause for concern for a journalist when your audience simply rubbishes your effort and slant and listens to their inner voice or maybe in this case, their candidate. I am trying to think of the next best course of action after such a failure but my mind is blank, because this never happens.

American and European journalists are the best in the business, well at least we thought before Donald won. Since the 1700s there have been peddling news and articles before we, down here in Africa picked up the trade. While I strongly there still are the best in the business, one is persuaded to disagree. How could they have missed on such a huge spectacle and in turn render themselves amateurs? Don’t wait on an answer for that one, on the next paragraph..

That said I must quickly place a disclaimer on how confusing the American political arena and that I have no intention to try and grasp it. I will leave it to them. To date there are still many unanswered questions on the election and to be quite honest I don’t need them answered, let bygones be.

I will let you read the article above, I guess it says it all for I fear diluting the brew..

After the talk…

After the talk…

….comes the walk.

Seriously I think we have had just about enough of Brexit. In 15 hours from now, the hullabaloo will fizzle out and the anger (that sadly led to the killing of the gorgeous MP) will have to be directed somewhere else, I wonder where?

To all Britons out there, decide quick and lets get it over and done with.