Donald Trump v Jacob Zuma

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It seems like Americans are doing everything in their power to elect a president that the rest of the world is really not looking forward to see ruling or even work with in the future. I guess democracy has its flip side. Who really can persuade them to look once more at these hopefuls and see that Donald is ‘Trump-ling’ on their political future.

Such succinct suppport for mediocrity brought me back home as it got me thinking of my best friend’s president, Jacob Zuma. There is no doubt that my own president is nothing of a saint at eighty five and still ruling but allow me to move away from what is now ‘not news’ anymore and focus entirely on these two for the former in this discussion would just still the show.

If Americans would learn anything from South Africans, it would be not to put in power a president that will choke you and disgust you (and not being able to do anything about it) before you can chose someone else, after they have done all the harm and showed no progress.
For the past months, the South African public has been experiencing a gloomy spell under their current president, running the country as if it were a bordello while every effort to remove him from power have been futile. I can only imagine, how it will be like under Donald Trump. The same democracy that affords him the opportunity to rule, will make it hard for the same voters to lay him off, if ever he is to fail.

From where I stand, more people see him bringing the country to a grinding halt and that his rigmarole persona, will spark off more than just debate and scrutiny but even worse.

Now, I judge myself to be the worst politician by far and this is by no means a lobby or partition for anything or anyone; but I can only speculate the stock market reactions, the foes that will be made and bi-lateral relations broken by Trump’s loose toungue. The amount of rage that is most definately going to be cultivated if he gets to assume the hot seat, it all looks far detached from anything meaningful and like a soapie to me.

I keep thinking that Donald Trump, is simply going to wake up one morning and withdraw from the race! Apologise to everyone for ‘trying his luck’ which he will confess got the better of him. His supporters will hate him for wasting his time but there are just a drop in the ocean, compared to the many that will breathe a sigh of relief to hear such news all around the globe.

To Africa, Jacob Zuma is our Donald Trump. There were far too many issues going around before our neighbours cast their vote but they paid no heed of it and chose their son, their comrade. They soldiered on and till now, never being apologetic, swallow the shame and disappointment they have had to witness from their number 1. They simply cannot wait for his time to step down as they seemingly have had to support and defend him from the word go.
While Zuma’s issues have just been regionally, with the exception that the country is falling behind other developing nations and is ranked third in Africa, now after Egypt, a year more with Zuma could see South Africans crying just like their neighbours have been doing for years now.

With Donald Trump’s entry, he  promises to be more dangerous, that I suppose we have to wait and see.


Zim Designer with a mission to Mars!

She can create a power jacket out of old rusty spoons and a bra out of wooden spoons. Her vivid imagination can tranform minds and break fashion codes. Yet she remains subtle, humble and accomodative. Creating fashion art pieces (fit for a gallery) and jaw dropping sex aparell to her clientel


Tarisai Efe Gweje

Born 7 December 1985, Tarisai Efa Gweje fell in love with fashion while at school studying it amongst one of her subjects. Immediately she new that fashion is all she wanted to become.

In 2002, she enrolled for a Fashion and Art Design course at the House of Designing College in Harare. It was under the tutelage of her mentor Crede Katsande thats she prevailed and blossomed. In 2005 she did pattern making at the Harare Poly Technic before a series of fashion shows where to become her entry into the fashion world, creating a path for an eventful brighter future with the stars.

A couple of more fashion gigs and invitations where to follow until what she calls the acme of her fashion career to date.

She was invited to showcase at the 2015 Africa Fashion Show in Nigeria. This to her has not only been enlightening but has brought her instant home stardom, an understanding of African fashion and possibly a much more lucrative career for her Avant-garde designs and creations.


At home she has showcased and created the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) in 2007 along with friends and has seen her work being used at the Miss Zimbabwe, Miss Tourism and Miss Carnival pageants.

Meeting her for the first time before her work caught the eye of AFS organisers, I was quickly assured of a great woman in the making, when she talks of her work, like a true and gifted artist, her eyes light up while her smile widens and a certain dexterity engulfs her work. Nothing can be more satisfying to her than designing.

Inspired by #Chanel, she thrives to reach the same level of expertise within the fashion world. She believes the designer’s whimsical works are something out of this world and if she could only sop in his tenacity and hard work, she can surpass him.

She has soon become the go to designer for local female music artists within the country mainly her for ability to design superfluous evening gowns.

Her Gregarian nature has seen her well sort after by fashion seekers including religious women in the country who love to look good at Church.

However, her rise to her fashion reign has not been easy, it has been met with a certain ambivalence. There is a lack of excitement in nurturing young and upcoming fashion designers, a situation that could be exacerbated by the harsh economics in Zimbabwe. Tarisai has had to swallow bitter pill from would be investors torn between whether to treat her designs as art and not a proper business.

“If investors can regard fashion as a business initiative, a lot can change within the industry”

Deriving her inspiration from all around her, absorbing different energies and using garbage in some of her designs she can whip out a design from any material at her disposal. Her dream is to become the best designer of her time and owning the biggest and brightest brand internationally,

“I believe I am heading for greater place with my fashion”

In 2010, she stopped having her own fashion shows to concentrate on growing her brand and finding herself within a vast ocean of designs and fashion. Her Hort couture has set her apart from many of her peers and would like to see herself engaged in a lot more work within the region.

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