The second 1st lady.

Regardless of what many may say about Robert Mugabe especially being sarcastically branded as running a “Democratic Monarchy“, My readings about his other side of life “in the otherroom” proved that the presence of trueloveaffection and faith could actually and prospectively fuel the efforts of a man, irrespective of the road he has chosen to travel.” Iambrokofi

Came across this passage from a blog from Iambrokofi:  HEART OF A KING – and in a writing that was inspiring at first and then eventually becoming a sad end to a great tale.

#Iambrokofi’s attachment of first ladies in his blog and how they influence the greatness of a serving president was clear, citing examples but fell short of describing our current demise as Zimbabweans, that of the 2nd wife.

No matter how we look at it, first ladies shape the way a president will hold office, it is a given in the world today. Take Michelle Obama for instance and how many view her as the pillar and council that made Barack reach full potential. By doing so, she became an important voice in their nation, when she spoke people listened.

And so it was when Amai Sally was still with us, she was a voice of reason and a pillar to a great man. Sadly the latter, the “queen bee” has given us no joy nor reason to dream beautiful dreams. We have almost no chance of impregnating our country with success. We are but like the wind, no end in sight to our journey and no memory of whence we came from.



Author: The Gregarian

Multi media journalist. Former Radio producer presenter on Power FM Radio and Spot FM Radio. Writer. I have seen enough to know that the words that I write here are not as mightier than the sword as we thought they were; but I will just give it a go anyway.

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