The year has started on a positive note (well, except for Trump in office) and sadly with a bit of writer’s block (largely attributed to the festivities and travelling that I undertook) but good in other terms such as my baby starting to walk and lip sync a few nursery rhymes and spoken word at just over one year old.

I would love to know how at my son’s age, one year four, what thoughts and plans my father had for me. I can imagine I was full of promise and potential that all they ever envisaged was nothing but the best. That was before the nightmare of politics and never ending leaderships and a dirty and unforgiving last minute retrenchment saw him etch out a living as an entrepreneur and now village farmer. It all went south and to the best of his abilities, pulled through.

It makes me look at this young soul that I was blessed with and wonder if ever I can turn out to be the best ‘poppa’ he will ever have. Appreciative of the fact that we do not hold the future and in the blink of an eye, things can change for the better, I pray to the Almighty and powerful to watch over him and bless him with wisdom to reach full potential .

There has been a distinct call for change of reigns within my country and many nations across the globe upon leaders and governments that simply cannot seem to make life better for their masses. For in their disregard of social and economic concerns, they have changed the prospects of many lives and brought nothing but suffering to the masses, leading to once was prospective candidates in dire need to do anything under the sun to earn a living.

And so I have been disappointed so many a times that I have ceased to try and cry for someone to look at my plight and help. Simply said I am no beggar but I would rather be a beginner. One that is capitally minded rather than in search of capital. To be an owner rather than to owe people.

As the year progresses, lets make new paths for ourselves, looking up to God for better openings. If a little David in the telecommunication business (Strive Masiyiwa) could stand against a Goliath of red tape and stringent laws against such businesses and still prevailed then I am hopeful, come heavy rain nor sunshine I can too.

Let me belatedly say, happy 2017!



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