Its a ‘Winky’ from me to ‘D’!

Its been on repeat since I downloaded the full album from links I got from a friend. I do support buying but in this day and age you gotta have a taste of it before investing, right?


Its been on repeat since I downloaded the full album from links I got from a friend. I do support buying but in this day and age you gotta have a taste of it before investing, right? I am sure we have had disappointing buys which you cannot even re-sale. That said, I was safe as the whole album was being given for free on the Facebook page or simply on this following link

Zimbabweans are reggae lovers, the country was born with it. Bob Marley is I guess the greatest musician to have ever graced the country especially at a time when we were celebrating freedom from our oppressors. To have such a huge icon pen a song for the country was like gifting us with eternal reggae publicity and consequently love for the genre. Winky D returns the favour in naming one of his songs Bob Marley, which I think is cool from an artist who took a lot from the icon.

Enough of me trying to give you an introduction to my subject matter of today and head straight into how I am loving the new Winky D album, Gafa Futi. I am not entirely well adapt to Zim-dancehall lingo and so I had a few questions about what he sings about and I guess and a lot of people where clueless when he says ‘GAFA’ and ‘EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL” and made me understand a bit though I didn’t really get it (was not that apt in mathematics).

Besides his confusing explanations, I still went along to enjoy the album. I will probably be crucified by a lot of fans but he did stray from true reggae beats and married his album with some Afro beats as on the track Hooray. A wedding song which I believed could have not been done any other way (not a lot of ragga artists sing about weddings and the dancehall beat does not really cater for down the isle moments) It didn’t however reduce the sweetness of his whole offering. I was however impressed by his continued efforts to sing about issues that affect us daily.

Twenty Five is one song that I related to as we have been faced with the reality of unemployment against having the best education in world. How the degreed masses have been reduced to gamblers in search of any source of income to feed families. He goes on to encourage everyone to go on doing what can alleviate their situation as we can but only try.

I must give him so much proper recognition as he has taken his music a step further. Most artists in the country fail to come up with meaningful lyrics with content that shows our education levels. I never knew he would sing about karma, extraterrestrial and attempt a collaboration with Oliver Mtukudzi. That to me shows pure genius, not to mention that Tuku was only relegated into doing the intro guitar, chorus and fill ins in the song. The whole song remained his while the elder simply flowed along. I guess that means no huge worry when performing this one, Samanyanga will just be on cd!

The song itself incites a lot of emotions and I believe there was much thought process to have such a hit, well maybe not much, as the two are songwriters that have excelled.

I’m still perplexed as to his choice to offer the album free of charge on the internet though. I guess its because there is next to nothing album sales in Zimbabwe and buying it from a vendor on the street shows you have no internet connection good enough for the download or simply put it, a relic.

Another day to discuss whether he has moved religious camp, I wish people could just stop the labelling and judging. Remember, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” Matthew 7:1

A good offering from the young man, what we expect from his level and I guess the problem is in the next one he has to follow up with. In the meantime, happy free listening!

You can listen to Winky D’s new album GAFA FUTI from links below

1: Happiest Man –
2: Bob Marley –
3: Gafa Party(Toi Toi) –
4: Extraterrestrial –
5: Twenty Five –
6: Panorwadza Moyo –
7: Karma –
8: Photo Life –
9: Hooray –
10: Bhebhi raMwari –
11: Mwendamberi –
12: Daddy –

You can listen the full album here



Author: The Gregarian

Multi media journalist. Former Radio producer presenter on Power FM Radio and Spot FM Radio. Writer. I have seen enough to know that the words that I write here are not as mightier than the sword as we thought they were; but I will just give it a go anyway.

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