Yamato found!

Pastor Evan Mawarire has been taking the pole position in bringing the failing leaders into the forest for misbehaving, and calling on the rest of the country to help leave them there, for good measure.


While I certainly don’t agree with the notion of leaving behind your child in a forest laden with bears and extremely cold temperatures, a case of ‘time out’ gone badly. In today’s world, I believe there are instances where we might need to deploy the same strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, I detest what the Takayuki Tanooka and wife did to the young man as a sort of punishment. And even though they prevailed in teaching him a lesson, the powers that be where looking  out for the young brat, keeping him out of harm’s way till he was found the army base. Now if we can just put this happy ending little story into our own context today, I would love to see certain people (who act like children, throwing stones to the helpless and literally a pain in many people’s lives) be left in a cold and grizzly infested forest, to be forgotten and lost.

While I am no expert in life,but having gone for more the 34 living in one existence, as an African, time has come for us to be more vocal about our well being and oppose the fundamentals that takes us for fools and discard of them.

#thisflag has not only been making so much noise within Zimbabwe, it has brought back the same manner of revolution that has seen the same country being freed from colonialist oppression. We were freed, well not entirely, because we have since been exposed and made to leave under the same settings as those of our colonisers. When we thought we could attain and achieve all that we ever desire, being equally viewed in the society and not impoverished by our own folk, we thought wrong.

To date, none of my many brothers have seen better days, except only from politicians and elected leaders, who promise and don’t deliver. Who squander and keep to themselves.

Pastor Evan Mawarire has been taking the pole position in an effort of bringing the failing leaders into a political crimes forest courts for misbehaving, and calling on the rest of the country to help leave them there, for good measure. They, for long have been neglecting every call from their own people to end the suffering and kleptocracy tendencies and bring back the country to its once graceful position, that of being ahead of our many neighbors within the continent.

I have no doubt that this nature of punishment, well deserved, will gain a different reaction from the world than that given to the parents of Yamoto and I bet you, no one will go searching for the same leaders that have defecated on our freedom and prosperity for far too long, reducing the hoards of my learned countrymen to bar tenders and restaurant workers feeding the large populace of the ever growing South Africa obesity levels. Millions take to the streets daily to sell their wares and the employed only make it by shoddy deals and corrupt tendencies. Neighbouring countries are havens for the many professionals fleeing the hardships in the once was great Zimbabwe..

While I seem to worry about the #thisflag movement, on its growth and where its heading, I just can’t seem to see myself not paying attention. To what end then? I ask. Should we be taking to the streets and hold all leaders into account. Firstly, of the 15 billion dollars that is missing. I am sure it was enough to feed the many leaders within the country to an extent that it has become ‘water under the bridge’.
Secondly, to all atrocities that have been suffered by the dead and the leaving, is it what the movement should come to?

In whatever the outcome of this popular hash tag, we need to continue asking these thieves for our hard earned independence, our prosperity, our father’s retirement investments and our children’s future (not to mention our meaningless efforts in building careers), what went wrong and how they are going to fix it. It is imperative that they make it right.

Yamato was found at an army base, sleeping in a hut, unhurt and hungry. He found his way to this base, all alone and against all odds. Maybe its time our leaders start finding their own ways to the law, to be punished for their atrocities and never to return to public service.

If #thisflag does not set the tone then its up to the one above to remove the hurt and the pain in my land. For far too long we have been crying, sweat and tears and if Pastor Evan’s outcry is anything to show a change in character in a largely subdued community, then so be it.

Author: The Gregarian

Multi media journalist. Former Radio producer presenter on Power FM Radio and Spot FM Radio. Writer. I have seen enough to know that the words that I write here are not as mightier than the sword as we thought they were; but I will just give it a go anyway. https://bumpers.fm/u/jaysdailydosage

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