A world at war with itself!

Its outrageous! I feel totally flabbergasted with the wave of atrocities being committed upon fellow humans. Not only are their innocence of major concern to me, it is the sheer rise of evil and violence to any matter that might hold dear to our hearts that we are eager to resolve through violence. We seem to have become an “eye for an eye” society, resorting to taking to the streets whenever we have a score to settle.

The recent Paris attack, today the death toll rising to 132, is simply a horrible example of animosity that has gripped the world today. You cant even take your daughter for a walk or football match? How pathetic is that? It is simply chaos out there and it seems like the world will stop at nothing, including following us home if we decide not to go out in public. In any way you look at it, you either going to be maimed by an extremist group or a voted government. When will it all end?

On the news today, many issues being discussed about who ISIS is and who might have started it, with its creation and rise to terrorist attacks attributed to the hunting and killing of Sadam Hussein. But to when will it end is the question on everyone’s lips. The killing, the bombing and the loss of life. Its hard enough for many fellow human beings but please don’t make it harder. It is an appeal to those that start the hate and hurt and perpetuate violence to the unknowing masses that want nothing more than food on their plate and a roof over their head.

Why not, the next time you decide on retaliating and killing someone, aim your gun at the person who aimed theirs to you first. It is a better version of “an eye for an eye” Why do you have to bring the men, women and children who are in the dark over your anger it into it? It is plain right unfair!

Living in South Africa, witnessing and hearing criminal activities daily, I wonder how the world will be like in the next 20 years from now. Will there be an addition to peace or war? Will our streets be safe from radical groups and prevailing governments? We did not chose to be a part of this generation but we can chose peace over war! We can be the change we want to see in our lives but it starts with you and me!

If not with us, then who shall bear the burden of forgiving an enemy? Certainly not the future for we all have learnt from our parents and forefathers.

I speak as a loner crying out in the wilderness, for those with the heart to forgive and the willingness to forget atrocities committed against them to do so before we see the end to all we love. Before what we are is no longer and who we are is completely altered.

Let there be peace


Author: The Gregarian

Multi media journalist. Former Radio producer presenter on Power FM Radio and Spot FM Radio. Writer. I have seen enough to know that the words that I write here are not as mightier than the sword as we thought they were; but I will just give it a go anyway. https://bumpers.fm/u/jaysdailydosage

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